In order to replace the current linear economic paradigm, the concept of a circular economy is getting attention.

The circular economy concept is presented as a cycle of extraction, usage, and transformation of resources and then circulation, use and repossession of goods and materials in order to reuse and lessen the pressure on scarce resources. An elaborated definition of the concept is presented by Kirchherr et al. (2017) which is:

“A circular economy describes an economic system that is based on business models which replace the ‘end-of-life’ concept with reducing, alternatively reusing, recycling and recovering materials in production/distribution and consumption processes, thus operating at the micro-level (products, companies, consumers), meso level (eco-industrial parks) and macro-level (city, region, nation and beyond), with the aim to accomplish sustainable development, which implies creating environmental quality, economic prosperity and social equity, to the benefit of current and future generations.”

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